Monday, March 28, 2011



Tonight, when I was reading Cecília Coelho’s blog (Box of Chocolates), I got to know about David Dodgson’s challenge which I thought it was really interesting. He proposed a “word cloud” from our blog, and what that would tell us about the content, vocabulary and our writing style. I was a little curious of what words would come up from my blog by the moment I typed my url at Wordle! So, I decided to take the challenge. As you can see, my word cloud is pretty simple and mixed up with some portuguese vocabulary because my intention is to teach English to Brazilian learners, so that, sometimes grammar explanations and some expressions are written in L1. I really enjoyed the experience and here is my conclusion about that:

Content – I could notice several names from publishers and authors which indicates that I am usually writing about their events, talks and conventions, and I really do it. I could also realize a great variety of words, and that makes me happy, because I do want to write about anything concerning teaching and learning, but I do need to focus more on those two topics.

Vocabulary -  I did not realize I was over-using the word ‘You’, that was a surprise. I believe that hapenned because  in many posts I use expressions like ‘see you around’, or ‘see you’ or anything like that. ‘The’, ‘to’, ‘and’ are also big words in my cloud, meaning I use them a lot too, so I will try to replace them for sinonyms when it is possible.

Surprises – I got surprised by two words. The first one was “You”, because of the fact I am over-using it and I had no idea about that. The other one was “pissed”. I was not expecting it because I had written that in my blog for the first time a few days ago, explaining the expression “pissed off”.

If there is anything I missed or if you disagree with something, please let me know, I will be glad to hear from you.

Have a nice challenge! =D


  1. Thanks for taking up the challenge Mario! I see you decided to keep the common words - interesting choice. :)

    The appearance of 'piss' and 'pissed' also caught my eye - funny how these things from just one post show up! But the appearance of 'vulgar' and 'slang' make the context of explanation clear (rather than rage!) for any new visitors to your blog. ;)

  2. Thanx a lot for the feedback David! If there is any new challenge coming up, please let me know! =D