Friday, March 25, 2011



A great partnership between Jeremy Harmer and Steve Bingham resulted in a splendid poetry/music project called ‘Touchable Dreams’. While Jeremy recites the poems, Steve plays his awesome violin making the poems more lively, in a way you may have never seen before. That is pure poetry. If you usually use poems in the classroom to widen your students’ horizons, you might want to have it. For sure, your classes will be much more interesting and students will be touched by the dreams words can arouse. As a musician and a teacher that I am, I may confess, I’m not a ‘poetry guy’, but despite of that, one thing I do know is when something related to these two things (music & poetry) is well done, and in this case, I totally recommend it. If you are interested in listening to a piece of this amazing project, click HERE. If you are not sure of what the project is about, check the following video and enjoy!





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