Thursday, February 16, 2012


Hello guys! 
Como vocês já sabem, trago aqui a resposta da última questão postada da série "VESTIBULATING!". A opção correta é a letra "b" - emphasis. Parabéns aos que acertaram, e aos que erraram mais sorte da próxima vez! 
Aqui vai mais uma da PUC Rio/2010:

Mark the sentence in which the word "as" is used in the same sense as in "Psychologists expect to see teenagers break free from their parents as they grow into autonomous adults".

a) She cried bitterly as she told her story.

b) Some flowers, as the rose, require special care.
c) As you are leaving last, please turn out the lights.
d) I don't think it's as hot and humid today as it was yesterday.
e) It's fairly certain that you will be will be able to find a job as a teacher.

Good Luck! =)


  1. The answer is letter "a"!

    1. Congratulations! You got it right! =D - Later this evening I'm gonna post another question. Stay tuned! =D