Saturday, February 11, 2012


Hello Everybody!
Após alguns meses sem postar, estamos (estamos nada, só sou eu! kkkkk) novamente aqui com uma nova série voltada para concursos e vestibulares. O nome da série é VESTIBULATING! Diariamente postarei uma questão e o resultado sairá mais tarde no mesmo dia. Teste seus conhecimentos, desafie-se e divirta-se! 
Vamos começar com uma questão da COVEST do ano de 2004


That’s all it takes to expose you to all kinds of nasty
microbes. What you _______ know before you jump in!
As temperatures soar, the cool blue waters of a swimming
pool can seem pretty inviting. _______ perhaps you should
look twice before you take that dip. Thousands of Americans
_______ get sick this season from the unsanitary condition
of their pool water, according to the Centers for Disease
Control. The last thing you want to think about when you’re
swimming is what tiny creatures might be swimming beside
you. But the fact is that any pool _______ be contaminated
with parasites and bacteria. _______ you’re not careful, you
could find yourself in the emergency room with a badly
upset stomach!”

(From “A Quick Dip in a Dirty Pool”, Personal Time, Your Health,

TIME, July 23,2001, page 62)

Choose the correct item to fill in the gaps:

A) should - but - may - can - if
B) must - and - will - would - should
C) could - so - might - may - can
D) shall - then - must - would - may
E) will - hence - could - might - if

Good Luck! 

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